New contractor’s jargon buster

Like everything else in life, the contracting world has its fair share of unique jargon. While these terms are useful to know, for those new to the life of the freelancer it can be a little confusing at first. So in order to help those new to contracting, here is a list of clear definitions of terms you may come across when you are making important decisions, like choosing an umbrella company. Umbrella company First thing’s first then, just what is an umbrella company? Chances are Read more [...]

Quarterly corporate events – why are they important?

Involving employees in a company's corporate affairs is an increasing trend, with staff benefiting from raised morale and the business becoming stronger and more profitable as a result. Quarterly events are a great way to keep your staff up-to-date and involved in your business processes. The benefits of organising quarterly events are manifold, from enhancing cohesiveness to driving new employee-led ideas. Keep reading to find out more about the advantages of arranging these meetings. All Read more [...]

Glossary: Terms contractors need to know

When thinking about becoming a contractor, you have probably researched the different methods of operating and may even have asked those already contracting about this career path. However, there are likely to be many terms and phrases you encounter that you are not immediately familiar with. Below is a selection of the most common, many of which it will be important to be aware of before you make a definitive decision on a way of working: IR35 If you are planning to move from full-time Read more [...]

How the healthcare sector keeps on top of processes

Processes are absolutely vital to the running of a hospital or even a small doctor's surgery. Although it is true they can sometimes slow things down, it is for the right reason as the priority is to make sure every single person gets the highest possible levels of care, whatever type of condition or illness they are to be diagnosed with. Processes can be slimmed down in some cases to make the overall organisation run more efficiently, but in many hospitals this just is not true - the processes Read more [...]
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