Investment in digital skills could bolster interest in IT apprenticeships

The government has unveiled plans to invest £5 million in the UK's digital skills base in order to enhance the nation's economic potential and boost youth employment. Funding will be allocated in London through the Growth Deals initiative and will see companies looking to recruit young talent in order to create a greater pool of home-grown experts in the field of IT. Why has the digital skills funding been allocated? The £5 million to boost digital skills in London is part of the first Read more [...]

Top 5 tips for choosing an umbrella company

For many contractors, an umbrella company offers the perfect, most hassle free way to operate. No IR35 stress, very little paperwork and the ability to claim expenses are just a few of the reasons a contractor may opt to work in this way. All the positives aside, there are other, more specific things an independent worker must consider when choosing an umbrella company, and here are five of the most important. Do a background check Before any documents are signed, a freelancer should Read more [...]

The Hotel Business Makes Millions. This Is How You Get Started

Thanks to Son of Groucho for the image Many people love the allure of the hotel business. It’s a chance to chase their dream and live a self-employed lifestyle. The freedom of being your own boss is liberating. You can finally spend your time working towards something that you are passionate about. Starting a hotel business is a great way to do that. Contrary to popular belief, there is plenty of money to be made here. Only if you do it correctly. Whether you want to open a small Read more [...]

New contractor’s jargon buster

Like everything else in life, the contracting world has its fair share of unique jargon. While these terms are useful to know, for those new to the life of the freelancer it can be a little confusing at first. So in order to help those new to contracting, here is a list of clear definitions of terms you may come across when you are making important decisions, like choosing an umbrella company. Umbrella company First thing’s first then, just what is an umbrella company? Chances are Read more [...]
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