Economic trends in the worldwide market

The economic stability throughout the world varies a lot. While some areas are set for growth, other areas are stagnant or showing slow growth, a hangover from the economic downturn of the past few years. Here are a few economic trends to watch out for on the worldwide market:   Developing countries show most growth   Countries such as Lebanon, Kuwait and China are all showing the most significant growth. They are set to have more than double the growth of more developed countries. Read more [...]

Money-saving tips around the office to cut your costs

Keeping your office costs low to keep your profits high is one of those mantras that every business owner should buy into. Sometimes it's easy to overlook the possibilities for cost-cutting in the office, often because you and your team are too busy to turn your attention to it. In fact, with a little research and attention to detail, you can easily shave money off a range of both your fixed and variable costs.   Utilities One of your biggest outlays will be your utilities, electricity, Read more [...]

How can employers help to identify and tackle substance abuse in the workplace?

Substance abuse – the misuse of alcohol, drugs, and other chemical substances – is one of the biggest threats to American businesses these days, affecting companies and colleagues dearly, as well as endangering the lives of employees. It is estimated that drug and alcohol addiction costs the US economy over $700 million annually, while the personal cost can be much, much higher. Therefore, it is vital for employers to be able to recognize and understand the symptoms of substance abuse so that Read more [...]

How to cut your business red tape

Ask anyone in business, large or small, what their biggest headache is and they will invariably tell you that it is red tape. The very phrase suggests being bound or tied up by unnecessary restrictions; made unable to do one's job and held back by complex, ever-unwinding obstructions. No wonder that many instinctively wish that red tape could be done away with entirely, cut through as swiftly as possible so that businesses can get back to work.   Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Red Read more [...]
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