A guide to getting a workplace ready with business, comfort and brand personality in mind

Team-building is one of those phrases that some people might term as so-called management speak, along with trying to create a positive atmosphere, however, there is a lot to be said for having a happy working environment. It is generally assumed that the happier you and your team members are then the more likely they are to be pulling in the same direction and working productively. The burning question that remains is: how do we build such an environment in the office? It's a valid question and Read more [...]

Localisation: Branding across borders

It seems that nothing is simple nowadays in this international, multilingual, hyper-connected, tech-savvy world in which we live. Unfortunately, the same could not be more true when it comes to taking your company overseas and making your brand accessible across the globe. While it is a considerable task and one that should not be taken on lightly, there are a few fundamental questions you need to ask yourself which, once you have a response up your sleeve, should render the whole affair a Read more [...]

How to improve the internal management of your IT operations

One challenge that many large organisations face is managing their internal infrastructure. From ensuring that sensitive emails are backed up to keeping client details secure, having a solution you can rely on is essential to ensure that your important information can be accessed when you need it, while remaining safe. For many companies, private cloud hosting is becoming an increasingly appealing option, especially as this type of solution often allows for greater flexibility, while also ensuring Read more [...]

How to advertise your business to potential employees

Finding the right people for your business is never easy. Getting people onboard that have both the desire and skills needed to take your company to where it needs to go is an extremely difficult thing to do. But there are steps that you can take to improve your firm's image in the eyes of potential recruits - something that could massively increase profitability and sustainability in the long term. Lifestyle benefits Lifestyle benefits remain one of the most popular ways to attract new employees Read more [...]
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