Vital Things You Need To Know About Trading Overseas

Image Credit   Every businessman thinks that he can make a quick profit by trading online. It is true that many people make loads of cash online, but you need to be practical. If you have no experience of working with people online, you might find that you struggle to keep up. You need some advice. The many advancements in technology have meant that it is easy to communicate with people around the globe. That in itself has helped the market to expand in more ways than anyone could imagine. Read more [...]

How to put on a corporate family fun day

This article provides information on how to put on a corporate family fun day and what sort of activities it could involve, as well as the benefits of such an event. It includes some hints and tips on how to make the day a success. Corporate events are highly popular amongst many businesses around the world. No matter the size or sector of the company, events can be put on for employees and / or clients, and often involve families. Allowing them to invite loved ones increases their interest Read more [...]
staff day out

How your business can benefit from staff days out

When you put on regular events for your employees throughout the year it can help your company to become more successful. This could be a family funday, company festival, annual party or any other type of event. These will boost morale and help employees to feel valued in your organisation. In order for your employees to work hard and be motivated, they need to feel happy and be valued in their job. When your employees enjoy coming into work each morning, get along with co-workers and have high Read more [...]

Investment in digital skills could bolster interest in IT apprenticeships

The government has unveiled plans to invest £5 million in the UK's digital skills base in order to enhance the nation's economic potential and boost youth employment. Funding will be allocated in London through the Growth Deals initiative and will see companies looking to recruit young talent in order to create a greater pool of home-grown experts in the field of IT. Why has the digital skills funding been allocated? The £5 million to boost digital skills in London is part of the first Read more [...]
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